Boston’s Aging Sewer Infrastructure


In the past decade, Boston has seen an increase in population of over 30%. Unfortunately, this growth is coming at a cost to our aging sewer infrastructure. The stormwater system was designed to handle a population that was only about half of what we currently have today. In order for us to keep up with […]

Safe Digging in Boston

Did you know that a utility line in the United States is hit every six minutes? Plunging a shovel in the ground is risky. Each of these strikes can not only cause a great deal of power and utility disruption in Boston, but severe injuries can occur. The Next Level team is at the forefront […]

Mainline Sewer Inspection in Boston

As one of the most reputed Mainline Sewer Inspection companies within the greater Boston region, we always deliver maximum, unparalleled results. We use state-of-the-art, industry leading CCTV equipment for all mainline sewer inspections. We have inspected sewage and drainage systems of private homes, municipalities, businesses and a host of others in the greater Boston area. […]

Cleaning 24-inch Water Condenser Lines


The Next Level team working hard in the City of Boston cleaning 24-inch Condenser Water Lines. This job, like so many our team tackles, had us facing multiple challenging aspects to complete on time. If you live or work in Boston and have noticed potential issues with your water condenser lines or other underground utilities, […]

Manhole Rehabilitation in Boston

Boston Sewer Manhole COver

Boston, being one of the first parts of the United States settled, has some of the oldest infrastructure. Next Level Environmental has been on the cutting edge of bringing the latest rehabilitation technology to the greater Boston area and we are proud to announce, manhole rehabilitation is next! Quadex leads the industry in precision, centrifugal-cast […]