CCTV Video Pipe Inspections

We are one of the most reputed Digital TV Inspection service providers within and outside the Boston region. To deliver maximum, unparalleled results, we use state-of-the-art, industry-leading CCTV equipment. 

Sewer Mainline Video CCTV Inspections

We have inspected sewage and drainage systems of private homes, municipalities, businesses, and a host of others. The cutting-edge technology we use makes it easy for us to inspect sewage pipes no matter the size of their diameter. Contact us today to book a CCTV inspection of your mainline or lateral connection. 


mainlines 6" or larger in diameter

We Inspect 6″ relined or larger mainlines quickly and accurately with a steerable, self-propelled tractor from our Pathfinder Series. Our range of models, Large Line Kits, and wheel sizes ensure you get the right tractor for any combination of distance, condition, and pipe size.

Designed for Power

Full Visibility

Adapts to Challenges

Power & Versatility of our pathfinder robot

Adaptable to a variety of pipes and tough enough for the rigors of sewer inspection, the Pathfinder Series measures up to your pipeline inspection challenges.

benefits of mainline sewer inspections for boston sewers

Lateral CCTV Inspections

Simultaneously inspect mainlines and laterals to 150′ with the versatile and powerful LETS 6.0 system. Its compact tractor easily navigates pipes 6″ or larger, while the lateral camera launches with or against the flow at a 135° angle. Contact us today to book a CCTV inspection of your mainline or lateral connection.

Our LETS 6.0 Lateral System

LETS 6.0 is the ultimate system to simultaneously acquire mainline and lateral assessment video. A slim tractor profile and superior lateral camera launch provides high productivity.

Complete View

Simplified Control

Designed for Agility