Manhole Rehabilitation in Boston

Boston, being one of the first parts of the United States settled, has some of the oldest infrastructure. Next Level Environmental has been on the cutting edge of bringing the latest rehabilitation technology to the greater Boston area and we are proud to announce, manhole rehabilitation is next!

Quadex leads the industry in precision, centrifugal-cast manhole liner system. Designed and developed with direct input from field-experienced manhole applicators, the spinMASTERâ„¢ will not only simplify and speed up the application process, it will produce a consistently even coating application as well.

Our state of the art equipment and advanced repair materials will restore your manholes designed service life for up to 50 more years. Common failures of Boston’s manholes:

  • Hydrogen sulfide:
    This is one of the biggest factors leading to deterioration. The byproduct of H2S leads to sulfuric acid, which breaks down concrete and leads to structural failure if not addressed.
  • Inflow and Infiltration (I&I):Groundwater or rain coming through walls and manhole chimney seals begins breaking down structural components, making it the main culprit behind much of the unnecessary water that ends up in water treatment plants.

Contact Next Level today at 617-336-3996 if you suspect failing manholes needing video camera inspection.

Boston Sewer Manhole COver
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